Lehigh Valley Old-Timers Soccer League
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Hall Of Champions


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Hall of Champions
Season League Winners

1993-1994  Latin Old-Timers
1994-1995  Latin Old-Timers
1995-1996  Harrison Financial Associates  HFA
1996-1997  Harrison Financial Associates  HFA
1997-1998  Harrison Financial Associates  HFA
1998-1999  Allentown Sports Club  ASC
1999-2000  Allentown Sports Club  ASC
2000-2001  Allentown Sports Club  ASC
2001-2002  Allentown Sports Club  ASC
2002-2003  Olimpia Old-Timers
2003-2004  Olimpia Old-Timers
2004-2005  MRK Hostwindow
2005-2006  MRK Hostwindow
2006-2007  MRK Hostwindow
2007-2008  Portuguese American Club  PAC
2008-2009  Portuguese American Club  PAC
2009-2010  Portuguese American Club  PAC
2010-2011  Portuguese American Club  PAC
2011-2012  Portuguese American Club  PAC
2012-2013 Allentown Sports Club ASC

2013-2014 Portuguese American Club PAC
2014-2015 Armetta Financial Services AFS
2015-2016 Armetta Financial Services AFS


LVOTSL kicked off April 16, 1988
Pre-1993 records are unavailable


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